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Machine Readable Passport





Frequently Asked Questions



1. Question: Should I seek an appointment to come to the Embassy of Pakistan, Washington D.C, for processing of MRP?

Answer: Applicants are not required to have an appointment before coming to the Embassy. We operate on a walk-in system and applicants are severed on the first come first served basis. Usually the processing is done within one hour of your arrival at the Embassy of Pakistan.

2. Question: I live at a long distance from Washington D.C. Is there any way that I can get MRP by sending my documents by mail, without appearing in person?

Answer: Applicants have to come in person to get MRP processed as it involves taking of the finger prints and photographs. Once process is done. You may provide us a prepaid return envelope so the passport should be mailed to your given address to also save you another trip to the Embassy of Pakistan.

3.Question: I have a CNIC/NICOP but it is expired. Can I get a MRP?

Answer: MRP can be processed only on the basis of a valid NICOP/CNIC

4.Question: How much time I will have to spend in Embassy for completion of my process?

Answer: Generally the process is completed within an hour after your arrival at the Embassy of Pakistan.

5.Question: Why have I not got my passport even after several months/weeks of the given delivery time?

Answer: The most probable reason is that you are a dual national and required verification report in your case has not yet been received from Pakistan. Please check whether you had correctly provided your address in Pakistan and the correct information (address telephone/mobile numbers) of two individuals residing in Pakistan who can verify your credentials. The officials of relevant department in Pakistan may ask for photocopies of your documents when they go for verification on your given address in Pakistan Please ensure that copies of these documents are available with your reference/contact person in Pakistan. Another reason may be that your case was deferred and you were asked to provide further documents or get your CNIC revised and you have not done any of required action. If this is the case please do the needful as early as possible.

For any further questions or queries related to Machine Readable Passport, Kindly send email at mrp@embassyofpakistanusa.org


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