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Machine Readable Passport



Requirements for Renewal of Machine Readable Passports are exactly the same as for Applicants under 18 Years of Age and above

•Personal appearance of the applicant(s).
•Original Valid NICOP/CNIC along with a photocopy.
•Original latest Pakistani passport along with a photocopy.
•Proof of legal residence status in the US (copy of Green Card / US Passport/ visa/ Work authorization)
•No Objection Certificate for Government servants.

• Married Female should have Husband's Name on her CNIC/NICOP. Otherwise Father's Name will be written on MRP


Categories to Apply for


Regular For Validity of Five(5) Years

$ 46

Regular For Validity of Ten(10) Years

$ 83

Urgent For Validity of Five(5) Years

$ 120

Urgent For Validity of Ten(10) Years

$ 216



•Fee is non refundable
•"Deposit fee at counter.(With Credit/Debit card or Mony order/Cahsier Check Payable to " Embassy of Pakistan")
•If payment is made through Credit/Debit card additional service charges will be included

Processing Time:-

•Urgent 2-3 Weeks
•Regular 3-4 Weeks

Delivery of Machine Readable Passport:-

•The delivery of passport can be delayed from prescribed time as passports are printed and dispatched from Pakistan.
•You can check the status of your MRP on our Online Tracking System.
•Passports are available for pickup by the applicants or authorized person.
•A self addressed USPS Express mail envelope is required for delivery by mail to addressee.

Do You have a Question:-
•Please email: mrp@embassyofpakistanusa.org

Return Express USPS Envelope

•  If the applicant(s) would like their passport to be sent back to them, a self addressed prepaid express USPS envelope is mandatory. The applicant should write their return address clearly to avoid confusion. Current cost for the prepaid express envelope is $22.95. Do not use Metered stamps . Click here for US Postal Services

•  The Embassy of Pakistan, Washington D.C will not be responsible for loss of documents in the mail sent by ordinary/priority mail.


Washington DC contacts:

Consular Services - please call 202-349-3177

Washington DC Embassy email: MRP@embassyofpakistanusa.org

Note: Please include your cell number in the email.



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