Convention 2018

Washington: Pakistani-American Community & Youth Convention-2018 has commenced. The theme of the Convention is 'Connecting the Dots'. Convention comprises of segments namely Youth Engagement, Role of Women, Voice in Academia & think tanks, Civic Engagement, Harmony through Arts & Literature & Entrepreneurs. There will also be a presentation by USAID & as well as discussion on Consular Facilitation by Consul Generals.

Washington: During his opening remarks, Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said that Pakistani American Community & Youth Convention-2018 is being organized for connecting the Pakistani American diaspora from across the US to engage and discuss opportunities for growth as a community at various levels.

Washington: A large number of students and young professionals attended the first segment of the Pakistani-American Community and Youth Convention-2018 titled “What does it mean to be a Pakistani-American Youth?” being held at the Embassy of Pakistan, Washington DC today, 14 April 2018.

Washington: During the first panel discussion, the panelists identified the challenges & opportunities that are associated to their identity as Pakistani-Americans. They also analyzed that how the young generation of Pakistani-Americans can act like a bridge between Pakistan and the US.

Washington: Embassy of Pakistan held panel discussion on consular facilitation at 'Pakistani-American Community & Youth Convention - 2018' with the participation of Consuls General (CGs) from outposts across the United States.

Washington: Consuls General (CGs) reflected that the Consular services are the face of diplomatic effort in the United States and need to be continuously improved through feedback from the community at Pakistani-American Community & Youth Convention-2018 dated 14 April 2018.

Washington: Group Photo of the Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry with Consuls General (CGs) towards the end of the panel discussion on consular facilitation at 'Pakistani-American Community and Youth Convention-2018'.

Washington: A panel of prominent women leaders from various fields shared their views during the second segment titled: “When Women Lead: Insights & Experiences from Successful Pakistani-American Women” at Pakistani-American Community & Youth Convention - 2018.

Washington: During the second segment, the Panelists highlighted the important role being played by the Pakistani-American women in the US and discussed the future roadmap to mobilize more women to take lead in their respective roles.

Washington: Group Photograph of the Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry with the Panelists & Discussants towards the end of the second segment related to the Role of Women at 'Pakistani-American Community & Youth Convention -2018' today, 14 April 2018.

Washington: Panel discussion on topic ‘Voice in Academia &Think Tanks’ took place during 'Pakistani-American Community & Youth Convention-2018'. Panelists advocated efforts to enhance the existing University to University connections between Pakistan & the US in order to bring them closer to each other.

Washington: It was discussed that Academia and Think Tanks offer avenues for further strengthening Pakistan-US partnership as s haring of knowledge is a win-win proposition. The discussion concluded that Pakistani-American scholars are making noteworthy contributions in the academic fields.

Washington: Ms. Martha Patterson at PAC&YC 2018: Pakistan and the United States have been partners for over 70 years. Building on and improving this historical long-standing partnership is critical to both our nations. She also said that two-way trade reached $6.4 billion in 2017, an all-time high.

Washington: Panel Discussion with US Government officials: USAID has been a major development partner in Pakistan. The development work carried out under the auspices of USAID in FATA is a recent success story. Pakistan continues to be the single largest beneficiary country of Fulbright Program.

Washington: Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry appreciated participation of US Government officials at 'Pakistani-American Community and Youth Convention 2018'. He highlighted that Pakistan-US partnership stretches far beyond the security context and must be further strengthened on multiple tracks.

Washington: Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry with US Govt officials at the Pakistani - American Community & Youth Convention- 2018.

Washington: Segment no.4 titled "Civic Engagement" of 'Pakistani-American Community & Youth Convention - 2018': Panelists discussed that Civic Engagement involves a desire and an effort to make a positive difference in the life of the community and the society as a whole.

Washington: Segment no. 4 on the theme 'Civic Engagement' concluded that Civic Engagement is both individually life enriching and is of social benefit to society at large.

Washington: Group Photograph of the Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry with the Panelists & Discussants at the end of the discussion on Civic Engagement at 'Pakistani-American Community & Youth Convention-2018".

Washington: Panelists in segment no. 5 titled "Harmony through Art & Literature" discussed that art is a tool which can communicate and transform the way people think & act. Art has the ability to create a space in which people can heal and reconcile.

Washington: In a sub-theme "Future of Urdu Literature" in segment 05, it was discussed that Urdu Language can serve as a cohesive force in keeping the Pakistani American diaspora together. There is a greater need to educate the second generation Pakistanis about their culture & traditions through Urdu language.

Washington: According to the panel no. 05, Artists in Pakistan have always been very active & creative. The Artist community has always played a significant role in creating political awareness & brought attention to social and community issues in Pakistan.

Washington: Group photograph of the Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry with the Panelists and Discussants of segment titled "Harmony through Art & Literature" at 'Pakistani-American Community & Youth Convention-2018'.

Washington: Segment-6 ‘Building Economic Bridges between Pakistan and the United States’ at Pakistani-American Community and Youth Convention 2018 at the Embassy is underway. Panelists are discussing the role of Pakistani American businessmen in promoting trade ties between Pakistan and US.

Washington: During the discussion the panelists opined that entrepreneurship is the pivot for establishing a strong bilateral relations between Pakistan and the US. Entrepreneurs not only connect the dots but also create new dots and this process keeps the relationship alive and thriving.