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CRC or B-Form for under 18 years Pakistanis residing abroad


The purpose of issuing of Children Registration Certificate is to register all children with Pakistani citizenship and who are below the age of 18 years at the time of application for registration regardless of their stay inland or abroad. This data would be a source of verification for the subsequent request for NICOP/CNIC upon the attainment of 18 years of age.

The following procedure is suggested to be followed in order to facilitate the expatriate community in obtaining of Form 'B'/Children Registration Certificate:

  1. Applicant (or in his absence any of his relatives residing in Pakistan) would visit personally any NSRC(NADRA Swift Registration Center, in Pakistan only) or in order to apply for Children Registration Certificate (CRC).

  2. If there is no change in Children's data as stored in National Data Warehouse (NDW), the CRC will be issued as per procedure.

  3. If there is a change desired, following procedure will be adopted:

    • Change in already existing Child's data: The applicant would furnish necessary proof with the provision of relevantdocument entailing that change in order to make amendment in an already existing data e.g. change in date of birth or change of name, etc.

    • Deletion of a Child from the Record: In order to delete the Child's record from the data, applicant is to provide death certificate of the child as a proof of this deletion.

    • Addition of a Child in the Record: Applicant would provide Birth Certificate of the newly born child for adding him/her to the database.

  4. Father or Mother must be NICOP/CNIC holder in order to provide cross-reference in NICOP database/NDWH and allocation of family IDs to minors.

  5. The CRCs after printing would be handed over to the concerned applicant or relative who submitted the relevant application at NSRCs on a given date.


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