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(5TH FEBRUARY, 2016)


On the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day, the Government and the people of Pakistan solemnly reaffirm their unflinching and continued moral, diplomatic and political support to the heroic struggle of the people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir

We, alongwith the free people across the globe, salute the brave, valiant and courageous men, women and youth of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir who laid their lives for the sacred cause of freedom in the last 68 years. We pay homage to thousands of Kashmiri martyrs. Despite the worst and gross atrocities by the Indian security forces, people of Jammu and Kashmir refused to accept the Indian yoke and demonstrated that the issue of Jammu and Kashmir cannot be wished away.

The Jammu and Kashmir dispute remains the unfinished agenda of the Partition and is also one of the longest unfulfilled agenda of the United Nation. Numerous resolutions of UN Security Council on Kashmir remain pending because of Indian obstinacy in implementing them. We urge India and the international community to fulfill the promise it made with the people of Jammu and Kashmir 68 year ago.

The Kashmir dispute remains close to the heart of every Pakistani. We give the people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir our solemn pledge that they can count on us in their hour of anguish. We will always stand by our Kashmiri brothers and sisters until the realization of their cherished dream of freedom. The Kashmir struggle will continue till the freedom of the oppressed people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir is achieved.








February 05, 2016







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