August 14, 2015
Ameer Ullah voluntarily travelled back to Pakistan under the supervision of two medical attendants
August 20, 2015
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Message from the Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States on the Independence Day of Pakistan, August 14, 2015

Message from the Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States on the Independence Day of Pakistan, August 14, 2015

I would like to extend my very warm felicitations to the Pakistani-American community on the 69th Independence Day of Pakistan.

The Pakistani-American community deserves profound appreciation for demonstrating a great sense of attachment and patriotism for the country of their origin. I hope these celebrations will promote friendship, peace and harmony between the two peoples as well as understanding and awareness in the United States about Pakistan, its people, and culture.

This is a day to recall the enormous sacrifices which our forefathers rendered to achieve independence. On this occasion, I urge the Pakistani-American community to renew their pledge to work together and contribute to the progress and prosperity of our country. We can overcome the daunting challenges if we demonstrate tolerance, responsibility and solidarity. The need of the hour is for unflinching resolve and absolute unity.

It is also time to demonstrate solidarity with our beloved country as we strive to get rid of the menace of terrorism and extremism from the country. Let us stand united alongside our security forces who are valiantly fighting to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country against the dark forces of ignorance and obscurantism. We are a resolute and determined nation and can overcome daunting challenges if we demonstrate tolerance, unity, solidarity and understanding.

This day strengthens our resolve to work tirelessly for transforming our country as per the aspirations of our founding fathers and dreams of our forefathers. Today, I urge our young generation to come forward to hold the flag higher and make Pakistan stronger and happier.

While celebrating the Independence Day, let us also reaffirm our commitment to further strengthening the ties of friendship between Pakistan and the United States and dedicate ourselves to bringing our two great nations ever closer.

Pakistan Zindabad!

(Jalil Abbas Jilani)

August 14, 2015
Washington D.C

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