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Ambassador Dr. Asad M. Khan attended the APPNA Strategy Meeting in Philadelphia

Philadelphia: Ambassador Dr. Asad M. Khan attended the APPNA Strategy Meeting in Philadelphia

In his remarks, he lauded the contributions of APPNA for their charitable and capacity building work over the years, both in the U.S. and Pakistan, and for working to strengthen Pak-US bilateral relationship. He also gave an overview of the recent important developments in the bilateral ties including the recent summit-level meetings between Prime Minister Khan and President Trump. He also highlighted the significance of Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5th and the positive developments viz-a-viz Pakistan’s economy and security situation.

Speaking on the improved security environment in Pakistan, Ambassador Khan apprised the audience regarding the recent travel advisory for Pakistan issued by the U.S. State Department that acknowledges the improved security situation in Pakistan’s major cities, particularly Islamabad. This, he noted, follows the similar revisions made by a number of other important capitals including UK, Canada, Portugal, Norway, France among others. The Government is committed to building a favorable environment to promote tourism sector and to attract foreign investments, he added.

The Ambassador also drew the attention of the audience to the serious humanitarian crisis in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IOJK). Inside occupied Kashmir, people remain prisoner in their own homes, without access to internet or basic amenities for the last six months. He praised the Pakistani community for raising their voices for the Kashmiris against the oppression and urged them to use their influence on the upcoming Kashmir Solidarity day in conveying their concerns to their legislators to take note of the gross human rights violations committed by the Indian security forces and urging India to lift the siege from IOJK.

The event was attended by a large number of APPNA members from across the United States, senior officials from the city government and Congressmen from Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, February 01, 2020

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