February 5, 2015
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February 5, 2015
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Kashmir Solidarity Day

Kashmir Solidarity Day

5th February is an important day to pay homage to Kashmiri martyrs and express solidarity / unity with people of Kashmir, still suffering under repressive Indian occupation rule. On this day the entire Pakistani nation expresses solidarity with Kashmiris sharing their grief and pain of sufferings in the wake of Indian military brutalities. Since India has illegally occupied Kashmir, therefore, Kashmiris decided to start freedom movement, rejecting the illegitimate occupation of Kashmir by Indian Army. Consequently Indian Security Forces resorted to illegal detention of Kashmiri youth, women and children, tortured them savagely and murdered them cold bloodedly. The freedom movement went on despite Indian Army’s wicked and atrocious treatment of Kashmiri people. Resultantly Indian occupation forces committed further human rights (HR) violations in IOK. They raped women, stabbed innocent children and dishonored elderly women in front of their husbands and children. Indian Security Forces were also authorized through draconian laws of POTA to detain, torture and kill innocent people at will, with a view to suppress the freedom movement. Mass graves found in IOK speak volumes on incidents of HR violations committed by Indian Security Forces. Despite all their tyranny and havoc, Indian Army has not been able to reduce the intensity of freedom movement in IOK.

5th February in Pakistan is observed as the national holiday while the masses participate in peaceful rallies and demonstrations, hold seminars and conduct solidarity walks reassuring the people of Kashmir that all Pakistanis support their rightful demand of freedom and ending repressive occupation of Kashmir by Indian Security Forces. The people of Pakistan not only express their sympathy and harmony with Kashmiri people but also assure them their moral support to continue with their just cause and achievement of rights of self determination.

Pursue International media to highlight the following aspects:-

• Expose atrocities against Kashmiri people in the hands of Indian forces and show complete solidarity with the Kashmiris in their fight for self-determination and struggle for freedom.

• Stress that long out standing unresolved Kashmir issue is the root cause of regional instability, which must be resolved on priority.

• Raise voice to make India realize that Kashmiri demand for rights of self-determination being just, cannot be suppressed for ever. Masses in IOK led by youth are full of vigor hoping that their desire / dream for freedom will soon come true. The world opinion builders must be urged to fully support the Kashmiri cause.

• Project that human rights violations by Indian Security Forces are very sinister and widely condemned by all peace loving people and so is the case of Pakistan.

• Mass graves in Srinagar Budgam, Bandipora, Baramulla and Kapwara districts are glaring evidence to make the world aware of Indian brutalities. Indian Security Forces’ methodology to torture to death and dump in mud to suppress the freedom movement must be condemned.

February 05, 2015
Washington D.C

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