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Pakistani culture display a big attraction in Washington on Around the World Embassy Tour

Pakistani culture display a big attraction in Washington on Around the World Embassy Tour

Pakistan’s culture, with its many colors and splendors, was a big attraction here on Saturday as visitors crowded the country’s embassy on the occasion of annual Around the World Embassy Tour.

In collaboration with Passport D.C., the Pakistani embassy arranged a series of events to showcase colors, cuisine and creative arts of the country , offering a unique opportunity to visitors to experience its rich heritage as well as some works from its contemporary arts and crafts.

While the compound of the embassy arrayed traditional dresses, ornaments, handicrafts and popular cuisine, it was the hallway of the embassy, which housed the most prominent of all attractions – a colorfully decorated rickshaw.

Displayed on a stage, the rickshaw represented a profound message, with words ‘Heal Not Hate’ written on its front, just below the windscreen. The rickshaw also had written on it “Live and Let Others Live,” and in the words of a visitor spoke out aloud in the face of contemporary struggle between moderation and extremism.

“We wanted to show the real Pakistan to the people — we have presented real things, real creativity, things from everyday life — this is what Pakistan is — we are pleased that the visitors are appreciative and enjoying the diversity of Pakistani culture shown here,” Asad M Khan, Deputy Chief of the Mission, said.

He was making the point that the country – so often subjected to negative media portrayals in the context of anti-terror fight along Pakistan-Afghan border, is full of life, cultural diversity and creative achievements.

The embassy also showed films and documentaries, highlighting the struggle of Pakistanis for rights of women, and its heroic figures like Malala Yousafzai, who have stood up against extremist threats for the girls’ right to an education and its sportspersons who shine in various disciplines.

Large posters and paintings exhibited on both sides of the ground floor and the large hall above it showed some of the finest modern and Mughal architectural monuments and natural beauty of the country’s massive northern mountain ranges and valleys.

Classical music maestro Ustad Dilshad Khan and his son Ustad Samar Khan entertained the thronging American visitors with instrumental performance of some of the popular numbers.

May 05, 2013

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Embassy of Pakistan, Washington D.C. shall remain closed on Monday January 17, 2022 on account of Martin Luther King Jr Birthday