Foreign Secretary’s Meeting with Undersecretary for Treasury Adam J. Szubin

Foreign Secretary’s Meeting with Undersecretary for Treasury Adam J. Szubin

Continuing his busy schedule in Washington DC, Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, today, met with the US Undersecretary for Treasury Adam J. Szubin. Undersecretary Szubin oversees the US policy on economic sanctions and countering terrorist financing.

The Foreign Secretary briefed Undersecretary Szubin on various legislative and administrative steps taken by the government in the domain of Anti Money Laundering and Countering Terrorist Financing. Sharing the key points of the Prime Minister’s National Action Plan, the Foreign Secretary highlighted the various implementation measures, in particular, the steps taken towards countering financing for terrorism.

Undersecretary Szubin lauded Pakistan’s efforts to combat terrorism in line with the priorities set out in the National Action Plan. Praising Pakistan’s dedication and sacrifices in the fight against terrorism, he noted the significant success achieved by the ongoing military operations in FATA. Undersecretary Szubin also appreciated the positive steps taken by the Government of Pakistan to meet international financial standards to monitor and interdict suspicious transactions.

Reviewing their collaboration in combating terrorism at the bilateral and multilateral levels, the two sides agreed to further intensify their cooperation.

June 04, 2015
Washington D.C.

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