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US, Pakistan stress value in entrepreneurial collaboration

US, Pakistan stress value in entrepreneurial collaboration

The United States and Pakistan highlighted the productive value in entrepreneurial collaboration as leading American experts shared with promising Pakistanis some of the most effective ways to sharpen skills and maximize economic opportunities for innovative businesses in Pakistan.

Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Dan Feldman and Pakistani Chargé d’ Affaires to the United States Dr. Asad M. Khan underscored benefits of joint work as they welcomed entrepreneurs from the National Information Communications & Technology Research & Development Fund Entrepreneurial Delegation for the program entitled “Impact Through Entrepreneurship – Partnerships for Pakistan,” at the Pakistani embassy.

Applauding the innovative spirit shown by upcoming Pakistanis in various fields, Feldman said entrepreneurship of both Pakistan and the U.S. is the hallmark of two societies as well as the bilateral relationship. He cited tangible benefits the U.S.-Pakistan partnership has accrued in a host of areas including education and science and technology, saying these also promote people-to-people relations.

In this respect, he noted that Pakistanis export a large share of their products to the United States market, while some of the big American brand names are doing phenomenal business in Pakistan.

He expressed Washington’s full support for an international conference being held on June 25-26 in Dubai, which will showcase tremendous investment opportunities Pakistan offers to international entrepreneurs.

Charge d’ Affaires Asad M Khan noted that the event serves as a template for public-private partnership and commended the performance of young Pakistanis as entrepreneurs in various fields including information technology.

“You bring a message of hope and promise from Pakistan. You bring out our resilience and tenacity as people, our enterprise and innovation as entrepreneurs and our unfettered resolve to keep moving forward in the face of myriad challenges. Your success stories prove the prophets of doom and gloom wrong and is a stark reminder to all those who get swayed by the negative media headlines in believing that Pakistan is just about bombs and bullets. You represent the new Pakistan, the Pakistan of today and the future.”

The two diplomats also underscored political significance of the democratic transition Pakistan achieved, as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif assumed premiership in a first civilian-to-civilian transfer of power.

Feldman remarked that with the completion of the historic process, Pakistan has affirmed its democratic strength while the Acting Ambassador Khan said that by going out to vote in record numbers on May 11, Pakistanis rejected violence and embraced democracy and good governance. “This is a moment of honor and pride for all those who believe in Pakistan and wish us well” the Acting Ambassador said.

June 06, 2013

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