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July 25, 2014
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August 14, 2014
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Message of Mr. Mamnoon Hussain President Islamic Republic of Pakistan On the occasion of 68th Independence Day 14 August 2014

Message of Mr. Mamnoon Hussain President Islamic Republic of Pakistan On the occasion of 68th Independence Day 14 August 2014

I wish to extend heartiest felicitation to all the Pakistanis, living within the country and aboard, on 68th Independence Day today.

The Independence Day is the most auspicious occasion in our national calendar as it not only reminds us of the great sacrifices of our forefathers that were made for securing our socio-economic, religious and cultural freedom but it also provides us an opportunity to reiterate our pledge to those ideals that led to the creation of an independent and sovereign state. The day is an occasion to pay tribute to the valiant struggle of all the proponents and workers of Pakistan Movement and is also a moment to recognize, honour and appreciate all those sons of the soil who have been safeguarding our ideological and geographical boundaries. The Day is also an occasion to reflect on our past, ponder over the present and plan for the future.

It is indeed a matter of great satisfaction to note that despite many political upheavals of the past, natural calamities and other challenges, we have achieved significant milestones in our journey towards a democratic, prosperous and progressive nation. A state created through democratic means to witness supremacy of democratic process, rule of law and constitutionalism is being governed today by a democratically elected government. Let us pledge today that we would continue to uphold the banners of democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law and let us reiterate our commitment to follow the principles of Unity, Faith & Discipline as our strength and guide towards reaching our ultimate destination.

As we commemorate this Independence Day, let us also pay tribute to our brave armed forces and the personnel of law-enforcing agencies who have been offering great sacrifices for our security and territorial integrity of the country. Let us appreciate and acknowledge countless sacrifices of our brethren who stand should to shoulder with our armed forces in our national struggle against militancy, extremism and bigotry. Let us stand united against all those elements who are bent upon tarnishing our image and identity as a progressive, peaceful and tolerant society. Let us work together as a unified nation to gradually meet the challenges that we face today. The magnitude and severity of the challenge may be daunting but so is our resolve and commitment to confront them head on.

While felicitating the nation, once again I call upon every Pakistani to stand firm and united and work diligently for a progressive, prosperous and peaceful Pakistan. Let us prove ourselves worthy inheritors of the invaluable reward that we have been bestowed by Almighty through untiring struggle of our forefathers. May our beloved homeland prosper and May our people always enjoy the bounties of peace and freedom.

Pakistan Paindabad.

August 14, 2014

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