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“The Colours of Pakistan ” event held at Pakistan House, Washington DC

Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry and Mrs. Najia Ahmad hosted a luncheon reception and a briefing on “Colors of Pakistan” for the DC based Women’s Foreign Policy Group which comprises of spouses of several Congressmen and diplomats, prominent women leaders, and corporate executives. The panel of speakers included, Mrs. Sarah Tariq Gilani, Ms. Maheen Ahmad, Ms. Cynthia Ritchie and Mrs. Najia Ahmad.

Mrs. Najia Ahmad welcomed the guests and apprised the audience about Pakistan by sharing interesting statistics. She stated that Pakistan is a land of diversity and has a rich cultural heritage. She further said that women in Pakistan are playing a pivotal role in Pakistani society and are making their mark in various fields by breaking all societal barriers. Mrs. Sarah Tariq Gilani made a detailed presentation on the Emerging Women of Pakistan. She informed about the positive contribution of Pakistani women.

On the occasion, Ms. Maheen spoke on the topic “Women and Islam”. She emphasized that how Islam gave rights to women which were illustrated by the life of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) more than 1400 years ago. She shared women’ contribution in the early days of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, she added.

A documentary on “Emerging Faces: Exploring Pakistan’s Hidden Treasures.” made by Ms. Cynthia Ritchie, a US citizen and a filmmaker, was screened. In her remarks, Ms. Ritchie said that Pakistan is a fascinating combination of culture and tradition bound by the centuries-old cherishment of common values of hospitality, altruism and multi-culturism. She further stated that there is a need to enlighten the western audience of the positive things about Pakistan and to look for the reality beyond the popular news stories.

The presentations by speakers was followed by Q&A session in which Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry briefed the group on a range of vital foreign policy issues particularly the important role of Pakistan in the evolving regional scenario, the role of women in Pakistan and the steps being taken by the Pakistani Government to safeguard rights of women. He also spoke about the extremely positive results of Pakistan’s effective military operations in the border region to eliminate terrorist outfits of all shades and colors.

Towards the end of the event, the distinguished guests thanked Ambassador and Mrs. Najia Ahmed for organizing such as interesting and informative event about Pakistan and for their warm hospitality.

November 02 , 2017
Washington D.C

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